La Asociación Médica Mundial (WMA) afirma que tanto el “suicidio médicamente asistido como la eutanasia son contrarios a la ética médica”

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Comunicado por One of Us  el 17 de Noviembre de 2017

One of Us applauds The World Medical Association (WMA) statements published at the end of October affirming its complete opposition to physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia based on what they consider “immoral in the medical context”.

The WMA affirms that “physician-assisted suicide, like euthanasia, is contrary to medical ethics and must be condemned by the medical profession. When a doctor deliberately and intentionally helps to end a person’s life, that doctor is committing an immoral act”.

Euthanasia is legal is some countries and “the WMA clings steadfastly to its belief that euthanasia is in direct conflict with the basic principles of medical ethics and actively encourages all national medical associations and doctors to refuse to participate in euthanasia even if national legislation allows this or decriminalises it in certain situations”.

The WMA is concerned that the legalisation of euthanasia will create a “situation of direct conflict with the ethical obligations of doctors towards their patients” and also that “vulnerable people” will be exposed to “abuse”.

One of Us denounces what happened with abortion it is currently intended to decriminalize euthanasia justifying, it as a way to avoid physical or moral suffering to certain people.

One of Us Federation states that it’s crucial to confront this threat, showing the negative and destructive consequences that euthanasia and assisted suicide have for society, as well as enhancing the role of palliative care as health care. The statements published by WMA add this important and prominent medical perspective about the euthanasia practices contrary to the ethics of the medical profession.